Monday, September 10, 2012

A late Summer's Dream on Lover's Lane

My whole life I've had all kinds of dreams, some creepy, happy, awesome, scary but all usually the same; they're quite boring if you ask me. Okay not all boring some are quite scandalous but enough of that.
The reason why I'm writing about dreams is that I had a quite interesting one. I dreamt that I was in Paris; places that I've been to were in my dream including a ride on Champs Élysées all leading up to the Arc de Triomphe de L'étoile with my mystery man that I convinced to take me to Paris. Paris the city of lovers!

As much as I have travelled throughout the years, I have never dreamt of other places other than my hood or L.A.or at friends' homes. I think it's weird.  So me dreaming of me being in Paris was quite monumental for my subconscious. Not sure what it means, but it finally happened. The weird part was that my recent trip to Paris was kinda ruined by my now ex friend. I won't go into detail but he was a jerk to me; needless to say we are no longer friends.

I always take in a lot when I travel. I love to learn new things about different cultures and such.  I guess I don't want to walk on this earth an ignorant like many do.  I feel like there is no excuse for ignorance in Los Angeles 2012; we have the internet, tons of resources, and we are all able to travel at some point in our lives. I guess its a matter of wanting rather than not being able to because some are able but not willing.

Regardless, Paris was such a beautiful city that almost seemed like a dream. Sure it has it's impoverished areas but which city doesn't? Overall, Paris was a mesmerizing piece of artwork.  It evoked so much romanticism; it's buildings, streets, the River Seine, artwork, the cafes, the jardins, and the Parisians, themselves.  It was one of the nights that I was out.  I was next to the River Seine and it was lit up. I saw many couples walking along the river, the boats riding on the river with tons of couples whispering sweet nothings, and the Eiffel Tower all lit up in all its majestic glory. It is then then I longed to be there with my lover. (cheesy, huh?...nope, not really!!)...if only. Ugh!! I am glad I went with my now ex-friend, but it would have been way better to be there with a special someone.

So when I had this dream a couple of nights ago, I was shocked that it actually happened and even more so that it took place in the city of love, Paris!!  Here are some pics of my trip to Paris and may love conquer all!!

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