Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Music for your lips...

With so many lip balms in the market, which one is the best value for your money and moisturizing without feeling too waxy?  Look no further my peeps, at your local Trader Joes. Yes! Let me introduce you to Trader Johann's  Virtuoso lip balm. It comes in a pack of 3 for $2.49 + sales tax.

Yes, that is music for your lips. Beat that Burts Bees! Of course, how can you compare $3 for one tube of Burst Bees to .85 cents for one mighty tube ofTrader Johann lip balm.  Come on! Trader Johann even added spf 15 and St. John's wort for added happiness to those smackers of yours.  Talk about kissable smackers!

So next time when you lose another lip balm, just drive over to Trader Joes for some Lip Virtuoso; just don't go there and belt out a tune cuz someone may tell yoi that the closest karaoke bar is 5 miles away.  ;)

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