Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tone me up at a Bargain

Hi folks! Here's a double whammy for ya! Another inexpensive beauty product that is high quality and more natural for girls and the dudes: Humphreys Witch Hazel astringent.

Guys are probably scratching their chin right now trying to figure out what is this. Well, if you were using this you wouldnt be scratching your chin or other parts of your face. You see, you think your face is clean because you washed it with soap...NEGATIVE! Soap leaves a lot of residue and not all of the dirt is completely gone. That's where toner comes into play, but most toners are pricey, sold at cosmetic counters and thereby have to charge a lot for these products. 

The popular toner I am comparing this to is Clinique's clarifying lotion- for either type of skin-at $27 for the 16.5 oz bottle, according to  That can get pretty steep at daily use and can cause a big hole in your pockets every year.  Again I present to you Humphreys witch hazel astringent at just $7 for the 16 oz bottle at  Whole Foods. Yes, $7 at Whole Foods...haha! 

And guys, don't worry about smelling like a chick because its fragrance free. See, anything is possible for good looking healthy skin. Not only does it really clean out your skin but it balances out the moisture; and it soothes minor irritation after shaving. See? It's a win win situation: fragrance free, a good size, helps skin look and feel good, its at Whole Foods and not a make-up counter, and its $7. There you go!! Your Welcome!!

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