Sunday, February 14, 2010

Airplanes & sunsets: Fabulous darling!

I love this picture for many reasons. I travel quite a bit so I've become fascinated with airports, airplanes and anything airline industry related. This is such a beautiful picture of the sunset overlooking Long Beach airport. That you see is a JetBlue airplane in the background. BFF3 and I went to eat at the "Legends of Aviation Restaurant & Bar". It's great place because you are up and close to the tarmac. The airport is so small and so "old school" it's amazing. You actually board the airplane by walking on the tarmac. Seriously! It's that small. BFF3 said the airport setup is so 1950's. I totally recommend that you go and eat at the Legends restaurant, which is upstairs, if you like that sort of thing. Next time I'm going to dress all 1950's with a scarf over my head & sunglasses (a la Audrey Hepburn). Fabulous darling!

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