Thursday, November 26, 2009

FaceBook: my other social world

About 6 months ago, I joined the FaceBook network & blogged about it as well. At two weeks, I had about 13 friends and was content. Now I have 64 friends. Sure it's not much to some, but to me it's just fine. I'm not into collecting friends--Eh that's just me!

Mostly all of my friends are from the 2 private schools I went to (elementary & high school). Has FaceBook been my demise? I think not. Sure I'm kinda addicted, but it has it's positive aspects to it. I've reconnected with a lot of my school friends whom I haven't seen for 18 or 22 years. I've hung out with some and it's great. I'm glad to see that everyone has evolved to the great people that we all turned out to.

Another positive aspect of it, is the fact that I met more people through others. Because of FB, I got to be a part of Burrito Project (West L.A. & Silverlake). The people from both of these groups are fabulous! I'm not going to jump on the "I am thankful" bandwagon, but I AM happy that my friend Aimee convinced me to get a FaceBook account. I owe her a lot.

I know I can blab a lot on FB, but so can others. I love that FB lets you be who you want to be and say what you want to say. It's that freedom that allows everyone to unite virtually and share experiences and common interests in real time; that makes FB fabulous! I hate in when certain groups start attacking FaceBook or Twitter. That social media is evil and that it harvests child molesters, terrorists, etc. In that case, newspapers, the telephone, the television and books can harvest child molesters and terrorists. Whatever!

Seriously, if we live in that constant fear, then everyone should be locked up in their homes and not have any contact with the outside world. It's ridiculous when these groups try to find blame on every type of social media, including music. Unrestricted methods of art and communication sets the world free. We need to embrace it. The fact that some idiots decide to use social media for the wrong reasons is sad and unavoidable. This crap has always existed and it will continue to do so. It's an unfortunate part of life that we need to accept. And that only exists because fear and ignorance.

Recently I went with BFF2 to see and listen to H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama in Long Beach. He, of course, was talking about the root of all problems: Ignorance; which in turn plays out fear. If you think about it, he and the Buddha were right. If humans weren't so ignorant, then we wouldn't have all the problems we have and we would be happy and living harmoniously amongst each other. Think about it; it makes a lot sense.

So in essence, if everyone would embrace social media and make the most out of it for great purposes then we wouldn't have to hear the constant attacks on all types of media (music, FaceBook, Craigslist, television, etc). And if everyone would learn and embrace all the different things this world has to offer, then we wouldn't be constantly bombarded with all kinds lies and fears; because ignorance causes all the problems in the world.

Anyway, I heart FaceBook, and I heart all my friends. Yes, it's true and I love it. I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. Peace out!

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