Friday, November 27, 2009

#FollowFriday Fall/Winter edition

Hey there, supposedly it's fall/winter now, but it sure doesn't feel like it in SoCal. Currently it's 75 F degrees, whereas in Boston it's 46 deg. and in London it's 43 deg. Sheesh, it's 56 deg. F in the Sacramento (NorCal) area; this is so unfair! I want it to be cold.

Anyway, I am still stoked about the Wolfmother show. Slash, formerly of Gun N Roses, made a special appearance. The crowd went insane when he went on stage. Well who wouldn't, he is an awesome bassist. And who would've thought that I, too, would've gone all excited, especially since we all know I'm not much of a Heavy Metal fan. Yes, Wow! Anyhoot, an awesome show! btw, Slash is on Twitter: @SlashHudson

Hmm, nothing much is on my mind that deems the light of day here on this blog. Oh yes, more parties are on the way that require my appearance. I know it's tough to be popular, but what can I do. LOL Finally, plans are underway, for my Holiday. The movie, Disney's A Christmas Carol, really got me pumped up for this trip. I so want to go NOW!

Anyway, enough about my fabulousness, it's time to give you my Twitter recommendations. So here I give you "#FollowFriday Fall/Winter Edition" with a touch of magic (whatever that means).

p.s. Though I did mention I wasn't going to jump on the "I am thankful" band wagon, I will say this, I am so happy that I am part of Twitter & FaceBook. There are lots of great people I've met here and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks @twitter & FaceBook. Luv ya!

@shitmycwrkrsays (a new kid on the block with lots of potential, lotsa great shit; a must!!!)
@SantaClausReal (you better follow him or else you'll get a lump of coal, LoL)
@kcrw (I luv u guys! && now you can download their app from iTUnes, Sweet!)
@kogibbq (kick ass korean tacos & tofu burritos!)
@DepecheModeLA (DM tribute band)
@yogurthaven (since it's hot in CA year round, gotta cool down somehow!)
@getshaved (yummy raspados (Spanish word) for this damn hot weather!)
@ITSAGRINDcoffee (OMG, what a delish iced vanilla latte!)
@fresafresca (BFF2)
@jackbear79 (GP2)
@depechemode (super luv!!!)
@jackfacts24 (super funny)
@thefrankenstand (yummy!)
@mariashriver (1st Lady of CA)
@schwarzenegger (Governor of CA)
@vromans (great indie bookstore in Pasadena, CA)

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