Friday, September 18, 2009

YYY love

Hello there again. Well, I know this sounds old, but I'm continuously busy. So much stuff to do and yet so little time available. I have been partying/going out a lot. It's great, but I wonder how much longer this will last. Well I hope it will continue past my birthday (November). In the meantime, I'm enjoying it as much as possible and dividing my self amongst everyone as much as I can. Gosh this sounds awful if you think about it, but "EH!"

Last night, one of my highlights of the month, was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert at the Greek in L.A. It would be my 1st time seeing them. It would have been my 2nd if I had stayed the extra day at the Coachella Music Festival, but it was impossible (too much stuff going on). Anyhoot, two bands opened for them: Yacht and the Breeders.

Well regardless, the YYY didn't disappoint. I fell in love with them when their 1st album came out in 2003. I decided to buy the current one, It's Blitz, and it's also great. I've mentioned this many times on Twitter and on Blip that the 2nd single,"Heads Will Roll" from "It's Blitz" should be in Sofia Coppola's next film. "Heads Will Roll" reminds of the "Marie Antoinette" film and soundtrack. I truly enjoy that film and it's a must see for all who love that period in French history and for those who love rock and roll.

Anyhow, I will stop raving about that song. Here is the video of "Zero" from their aforementioned album, which I found on YouTube. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel and check out their video, but I think some stuff is restricted for U.S. viewers (don't know why); yeahyeahyeahsmusic.

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