Monday, September 21, 2009

My dream team & my dream vacation...

So asks: You've just won a dream vacation for four. Who are your three companions? Easy: BFF1, BFF2, and my sista. All three are like me; we like to travel and we all like a good adventure anytime. And probably the dream vacation would take place in Europe because we all love Europe and can't get enough of it. *sigh* So here is why these three individuals would be part of my dream team. Awesome!

Because she is BFF1 and she is great! I like that most of the time she is willing to do stuff and has an open mind. As a matter of fact, Lisa & I have taken lots of trips together; Chicago, WA, Sac-town, etc.

BFF2 is great as well. She likes spontaneous stuff and is constantly on the go, like me. Eileen and I have gone to a lot of music shows and it would be great to go on a trip with her.

My sista
Liz always willing to go anywhere anytime. She loves trips; that is why she's a flight attendant. She will tag along anytime. She, like BFF2 is always on the go. It helps that she is open minded like Lisa.

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