Monday, September 21, 2009

I'd make a lovely Ikea Malung chair

If I were a piece of furniture, what would I be? Well that's easy. I'd be my leather recliner from Ikea. Everyone including me loves that chair. It'd be great because everyone would relax on me, watch their favorite television program on me, and they can even carry a conversation all in the comfort of me. And if someone sitting at the dining table behind me said something, then the person would just swivel back and reply without getting up. AH! What a great feeling to be loved and be someone's favorite piece of furniture. By the way, this chair comes with a foot rest/stool. So the foot stool would be the extension of me. Wow! I sure would be a great piece of furniture. Oops, I mean, my leather recliner with foot rest/stool is a great piece of furniture.

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