Monday, August 3, 2009

Gosh, I'm such a foodie

Don't know how this happened or why or when; it just did. I became a foodie. Well not an expert foodie like Eating L.A. or any of those other famous bloggers, but a regular normal random person who enjoys food. And I'm not the only one, all my friends are as well. I guess it's better than being a crack or meth addict. I mean it's just that when flavors mesh it's like a creation of art; like a Degas, a Picasso or a Gehry. Sure food serves as a basic necessity of human existence, but it can also please the senses, as well.

I like to cook though I don't do it as often as I should. When I have, people have loved my dishes. And they are just simple, but tasty at the same time. I don't really eat the food I make because I get full just by smelling it as I'm making it. LoL It's weird, but true. But cooking brings out the "artist" in me; if that's what you want to call it. I just crank up the radio, pour a glass of wine and away I go. It's a great feeling. I know most women hate the task of cooking on a daily basis which is understandable, but if they attempted to enjoy it and make the most of it, then maybe they'd like it.

I used to cook on a daily basis and I have to admit it was a drag coming up with ideas, but I decided to check out cook books from the library (LoL) and just read through them. And I read a lot of them, believe me. They were beautiful, interesting and great learning tools. I read up on spices, meats, and tools (knives, pots, etc). I mean if you are going to cook then you might as well do it right, don't you think? Then I read on international cuisine, like French, Spanish, Indian, etc; and mesh all that information into something great and innovative. Hey, all great chefs have gone to culinary school at one point and done the same. Now, I'm not saying I'm this world renowned chef. Oh hell no I'm not. I'm just a girl (LoL) who wants to eat and wants to be able to cook.

Another great source of education is the Food Channel. Damn that is such a great channel. I mean by show's end, I am drooling and my mind is turning; trying to figure out how I can replicate it, or tweek the recipe in some way to replace an ingredient or lower measurements. Cooking is great. I like all shows except the Barefoot Contessa (at times) and that southern lady. I really don't like her. I'm sure she's nice, but no. I guess it's the accent or something. PBS also offers great shows like America's Test Kitchen.

Anyway, another method of learning is by eating out. I actually do pay close attention to the different flavors in every dish. It's great trying to figure out what the chef used, but there are times when I just ask the server what the ingredients are. Yeah, I'm that bold. Oh well. Well it's okay just as long as you compliment the chef, I guess.

Why am I writing about this, you ask? Well because I want to and because I can. LoL The real reason is because I consider my self a foodie. What is a foodie? According to, a foodie is:

-- noun Slang
a person keenly interested in food, esp. in eating or cooking.

Ahh! such great delights in life. I will follow this post with restaurant reviews, which I haven't done that often, but deem notoriety. And why am I doing this? No I am not getting any compensation for this. I swear (not the profanity that I do often). I just love these places and I want the world to know about them so they, too, can enjoy them. That's all.

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