Saturday, August 15, 2009

Foodie Raids in Norwalk, CA

On Wednesday night (8/12), I decided to get my grub on at the Kogi taco truck. I love kogi food. It is the latest craze in taco trucks. The truck has a blog and a twitter account. Kogi operates Tuesday through Saturday throughout Greater L.A. The company has 3 trucks (Azul, Verde, and Roja) and their schedule is posted daily on their twitter account: @kogibbq

Well the other night AZUL (their newest truck all tricked out with an Alpine sound system & tv monitors that display the menu) was making it's rounds at the Norwalk Costco from 10:30pm to 1am. Me and other co-workers were excited about it and were planning on treating ourselves to some Kogi. It was great, it was a library family affair. To my surprise I was 6th in line. I have always had to wait between and 1.5 to 4 hours for my food, but today I scored; I was 6th in line. This was too good to be true.

Indeed it was because as I paid for my order the cops showed up, good ol' Norwalk Sherrifs. They were informing us via their megaphone that if we didn't move our cars we would get cited since we were parked on private property (Costco parking lot). At 10:30 who cares about parking. Costco had closed at 8:30 and customers are gone by 9pm. I should know, I'm a Costco member. I mean WTF is your problem Costco! I feel like writing a letter to Costco complaining about their rudeness. They were very rude. I understand if the store was still open & we were disrupting the business; impeding custumers or staff from getting to the store. Of course not, it's fucking 10:30 in the evening. The staff that is still there parks on the opposite end of the lot (behind the warehouse).

The Kogi clientelle isn't crazy at all, well the exception of yours trully, j/k. 80% of the clientelle are Asian. I mean, come on, who has heard of Asians being rude and unrully in a food line? Please people, get over yourselves. The couple of "Mexicans" that were there felt like a typical "migra raid" in L.A. We are used to this shit, so to speak; personally I have never been part of those raids because thankfully I'm not an "illegal" citizen-I was actually born here. LoL Anyway, now I know how it feels to be chased down by the fucking cops. And guess what? It felt good. It was exhilirating; I felt like a rebel. LMAO

After all that running around I ended up getting my food, a tofu burrito & 2 tofu tacos. I told the cops politely that I had already paid for my food and that I wasn't planning on leaving without my food (bitch!, j/k I didn't say that, but I wanted to...). I had heard that a co-workers (@martooska) sister (@naninani90), yelled at the cops. She said something to the effect that it was her birthday and she wasn't leaving without her Kogi. LMAO. Good for her! Damn, Kogi, what's in the food that makes us so crazy (j/k)?!?!? ...LoL

Whew! what an adventure that was that night. I mean I've done crazy things when it comes to food (many midnight taco runs to King Taco & other places). Well I will say this, nothing gets in between a foodie and his/her food. Foodies will endure all types of torture & obstacles, even like the Foodie Raids in Norwalk.

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