Monday, April 20, 2009

Leave a party if you see too many wallflowers

too many wallflowers
When everyone starts clinging to the wall that is a sure sign that the party is going to suck. Wallflowers tend to cling on to the wall all night and keep to themselves. How awful! If you are going to do that then why go to parties? I don't like to be around boring people, as well as Debbie Downers & introverts. Sorry! I'm an outgoing person who loves to be around people like her.

only beer is served
Beer is not my drink of choice. I hate it when only beer is served. Hello! not everyone loves beer. How about some wine or hard cider or other hard liquor or soda, for that matter.

no snacks or munchies
Come on now! How cheap can you be if you aren't willing to serve something to munch on or only serve 2 bags of chips? Why go through all that trouble if you aren't willing to fully entertain? The point of entertaining is to make yourself and your guests happy so that they really want to be around you often.

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