Friday, April 24, 2009

Stay tuned Darlings (or folks)...

Well lots has happened since the last time I posted something. On April 11th, I attended KCRW's RadioActive Dance Party at the Park Plaza Hotel in L.A. It was fabulous! I had so much fun that I hope KCRW will host this event again. There were different rooms with DJ's feeding the hungry revelers with large doses of fantastic music. Everyone who is anyone was there dancing the night away to soul, trance, house, and world music. Henry Rollins, Jason Bentley, Raul Campos, and others were there to feed the hungry revelers. The hotel, itself, was majestic and beautiful. Words can not describe the beauty of this hotel.
Anyhow, last weekend I attended the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival out in Indio, CA. I attended 2 of the 3 days. It was also great. Oddly it was my first time attending this shindig. Indeed it was hot, but well worth it. I did take lots and lots of pictures so stay tuned to my next post on Coachella. My fave acts were M.I.A., Franz Ferdinand, Henry Rollins, and The Ting Tings; just to name a few. It was hot because it took place in the desert, but, again, well worth it. So stay tuned for more.
Finally, last night, I attended the free Depeche Mode show in Hollywood. The DM show was a taping for the Jimmy Kimmel Show. They performed 5 songs, two of which are from their new album, "Sounds of the Universe": Wrong, Personal Jesus, Come Back, Never Let Me Down Again, and Personal Jesus. The streets around Hollywood Blvd & Vine were completely shut down and security was tight. We decided to take public transportation (the MTA trains) to get to the show because traffic was going to be horrid. The ride was great and the show was beyond AWESOME! Love love me some De Mode!

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Well gotta go because I have to wake up early for, stay tuned folks for more on Coachella and other antics...

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