Friday, April 10, 2009

My world according to

Last night I discovered this quite interesting website through BFF 2's blog called Blogthings. I stumbled up on it when she posted that she was a carrot cake cupcake and a link to "What flavor cupcake are you?" was there. Naturally I was curious and clicked on it. After answering a short series of questions the results were in and holy crap I am a Lemon Cupcake (cheery, cute, friendly, outgoing, etc). I was astounded as to how correct my description was. No, I am not conceded but I'm old enough to know who I really am. So, I was intrigued and decided to take more quizzes. I took many that gave me stupid results and others that were fun, but only a few were blog worthy and therefore the next 6 posts (descending order) are the results I selected to post. Feel free to read on.
The red head one was interesting. I was once a red head and had fun, but never went back because I didn't like that the color would get dull and awful. I have been a blond many times and had a grand ole time, but the bleach ruined my hair. So now I'm a brunette (my natural hair color). I really don't like it, but oh well.
The one about my political persuasion was also interesting, to this moment I consider myself a moderate, but I guess being for gay marriage makes me more of a liberal. I don't think being for gay marriage makes me a liberal, it, indeed makes me tolerant and accepting of all human beings for who they are, but oh well.
The one about the gum, was 60% correct on who I am. It claimed that complexity stresses me out (I can handle stress better than most of my friends and actually they count on me to help them out during those tough times). And that I tend to go with the flow (I'm not a follower, I'm a leader). Anyway, so much for that.
And, of course, the one about what type of car I like was definitely on the money, I love sports cars. I luv them as much as I luv men. You see men luv women and sports cars and I luv men and sports cars; a match made in heaven. HA-ha!
At the end, it was all fun and entertaining. I especially loved my Super Villian name: Poison Bile and also liked my Super Hero name, which is Violencia Fists. Now I most certainly did not like my Rockstar name: Velvet Firecrotch. It sounds funny, weird and beyond dirty! Well all in all, Blogthings is fun. Do read my quiz results and somehow get a perspective of who I am, well not really, after all I am full of surprises! Toodles!

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