Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Right to bear how many Arms?

PREFACE: this blog post was supposed to go up back in the summer when that jerk from Colorado went on a shooting rampage at the midnight showing of Batman. I hesitated to post it then but not anymore. As we all know another jerk in CT went on a shooting rampage at a school killing some 20+ people. And once again, questions about gun control in this country have been raised.

The original post:
Recently, a psycho asshole decided, for unknown reasons, to go on a shooting rampage at movie theater in Aurora, Colorado; during the midnight show of Batman: Dark Night.  The last report, according to various news media outlets, was a count of 12 dead people and 58 wounded (of which 11 were critically wounded). It is considered the deadliest mass shooting in recent U.S. history.

My problem here is not the fact that we, citizens of the free world, have a right to bear arms. No siree!! My problem here is that fact that some folks get too carried away as to how many and or the type of guns they own. The regular Joe/Jane doesn't need to have an AK47 or 10 handguns. Explain to me, why on earth should a so called sane person own that much crap!! In fact, if a regular Joe ownsthat much artillery then I don't think you can no longer be categorized as a sane person; you my friends have crossed that line and are now considered psychos!! Yes, psychos!! I just don't get why a person needs to own that much artillery. Are you preparing for the Apocalypse? WWIII?  Or you some kind of psycho vigilante??

I personally think, if someone is so determined and compelled to exercise their right to bear arms, then 2 should be the maximum and that should depend on the circumstances.  For instance if you hunt for animals, not humans, then you should have a rifle-not an AK 47. If you are concerned about safety, because who isn't -especially if you live in an urban area or somewhere in Fontucky, then you can own one pistol or handgun.

Look, I am not rooting or begging to be an honorary member of the NRA. Oh no no no!! Regardless, I still think everyone of its members are crazy, BUT some of its members are complete nut cases.  Given that, I still think, it's our constitutional right to bear arms. The constitution says it and I, as a citizen, abide by it.  It was written for a reason. Despite what has happened recently, we, Americans, need to stick to the Constitution and our Bill of Rights-especially the Bill of Rights.

I don't like it when extremists (left or right) want to screw with our civil liberties.  We as citizens have certain liberties that other countries don't and we need to be grateful and cherish them. Above all, we should be happy we live in the USA; a country that offers it's citizens so many civil liberties and rights.  For instance, and not change subjects., China bans the internet from its citizens. I have read that some have created this underground black market internet connection. And people uses aliases and fake accounts to get on so that they won't be tracked; it's a crazy concept and it's not free and yes its real in 2013. It's little stuff like that the we take for granted and yet we shouldn't. Catch my Drift?

I completely support some kind of regulation as to how many arms we can own, if you choose to do so, but in addition I think a psychological test should be implemented in order to see if you are fit to own arms;  because we know not everyone is mentally equipped to do anything normal. That is the sad reality!!  So some kind of modification to the Second Amendment needs to be in place but not a complete ban on arms.

Personally, I don't own arms because I don't think I need to have any and I don't want to have any, but I would like to know I can own one someday. It's my right and I can exercise it should I choose to do it.  THANK YOU!!

p.s.  My heart goes out to all the victims of all recent shooting events and to their families. No one should ever go through that pain. No one!!

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