Monday, January 21, 2013

Color my World with a Rainbow!!!

When the tough gets going the going gets that what the saying says? well you know what I mean and if you don't oh well; not my problem...haha!!!

Anyhow, this post is about an event I went to recently; the color mob!! I decided to write about it because I was recently reading an article on some home magazine (don't ask because I don't remember the name) about peoples' bucket lists. The article offered suggestions one of which was to do a marathon like a 5k but more specifically, a fun one like the more famous, Color Run. I personally haven't participated in this one but I noticed one is taking placing at Dodger Stadium in L.A. on Feb 2nd and at Candlestick Park in SF on March 2nd. Well regardless, this one is a fun 5K that gives some proceeds to pre-selected charity; which is cool. 

Like I said, I participated in the 1st Annual Color Mob, which some call it a knock off of the Color Run.  I am glad I signed up and went especially since I almost changed my mind for I was going through a lot that weekend. It actually brightened my mood.  That's not to say the ordeal getting there. Traffic was backed up for miles luckily I cut through by taking the toll road to Irvine Lake.

I ended up meeting up with 4 others and we had a blast. Our team's name was "Team Spray Me"... loved it!! We took out our anger and frustations on each other and other strangers. We blasted each other with colored cornstarch. Everyone was doing the same and at one point we couldn't see at all because it was rainbow dust all over the air. It was all in good fun. Would I do it again? SURE!!! I was a kid for nearly two hours and lost all inhibitions in the name of FUN!! I haven't had this much fun in such a long time.

So I totally recommend that you all do it!! You will thank me when you've done it. Look for deals on Living Social, Groupon and Gilt City. I found out about Color Mob on Living Social. I paid $25 instead of the regular $50 admission. Regardless of the price, it is so worth it!!  Hooray for Rainbow fun!!

Update: i will be participating at the Color Run in L.A....YAY!!!  

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