Monday, August 13, 2012

Shameless plug: South Pasadena Burrito Project

Are you experiencing that void? do you feel like something is missing? are you constantly feeling down? do you think that if you do something selfless that perhaps you will feel better?  Want to know what the selfless act can be?  well look no further, South Pasadena Burrito Project!!! 

South Pasadena Burrito Project is about helping the hungry and the homeless. We don't promote religion we promote helping the needy because we want to. Our motivation is to help the needy for the greater good; that is all!! 

I was going through a void about 6 years ago. I felt like my life was too good. I'd done everything I had wanted to do at that point. Nothing I was doing was satisfying me, so i went in to a state of depression then some health issues came along.  I overcame my health issues but something was still missing. At that point I realized that material things and money weren't everything. If I die the next day, nothing would matter. And most importantly I was just another being on this earth who hadn't been all that productive.  That was a harsh realization for me!! I have always been a go getter and at that moment in life I felt like a failure. It didn't matter that I finished college or that I had traveled or that I had decent job with excellent benefits, I was still just another speck in the earth that felt worthless. 

I talked to a couple of friends about my dilemma and one day I was hanging out with my friend Eileen.  She was driving down Del Mar in Pasadena and suddenly, Jason Bentley came on the radio asking the listeners to volunteer during KCRW's pledge drive. That was it!! I told her I need to volunteer there. So we both signed up and I loved it!! it was fun and met some interesting people and felt good about it!! 

Next thing I knew I wanted to do more. I needed to do something that was more frequent because the pledge drive only happens for a week twice a year.  Then one day, after not logging on to Facebook for a while, I noticed my friend Alan had just RSVP'd to this event with a catchy name (which i can't remember anymore). I checked it out, texted Alan about it, he explained it to me, and I was down!! It was the West L.A, burrito project.  I was super excited!!  We went and again I was hooked; and I continued working it.  That was back in 2008 or 2009.  

Now, due to time constraints, the WLA burrito project is on a hiatus. I hope it resumes again, but in the meantime, I am helping out with the South Pasadena chapter.  The people that go are from all walks of life and all ages, from 6 to 60 years old.  All are welcome and united by the need to want to help the needy. I welcome you all to help out with volunteering and or donations. Alan basically funds the whole thing so any help is quite welcomed.  He accepts monetary donations on the website via paypal.  

I admit, burrito project is not for everyone, but everyone should experience it as some point in their lives. Its quite the life changing experience. Again, I welcome you all to the South Pasadena Burrito Project. You can also find them on Facebook where the invite is generated from. SPBP takes place the 3rd Thursday of the month, unless there is a holiday. 

In the meantime please enjoy the following video of SPBP which was filmed by LA FORWARD last year:

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