Monday, July 2, 2012

Prime ticket seating in HD: Rich vs. Poor people

Call me nuts, but the current economic crisis has been waging a war on the poor; as if poor people love to be poor and dependent on the rich!!  Anything from housing, education bills, transportation bills, and now the latest thing, health care aka ObamaCare.  I really don't care what the 1% or wanna-be 1% want to call it, but America is still stuck in dark ages.  And I don't care if these people think that Europe or other countries aren't better than America. Look, if you are that pitiful 1% percent and think that America is the best in the world, well then i am embarrassed to be categorized with all of you.

Calm down!! I am not denouncing my citizenship or trash talking America, but i am merely pointing out the fact that certain people hate their own people, especially if they are poor.  You see, some are so twisted in their beliefs that they don't even know what they believe in anymore; true story!! Case in point, America has waged a war against women by attacking Planned Parenthood and proclaiming to win the battle on Pro Life!! Really, hypocritical assholes?!?!  If you are such defenders of life then why do don't want to support all these people that weren't aborted by allowing them to have medical insurance!! YES, I went there!!

An old friend of mine said it well, "[Republicans] don't want to kill the unborn but when they are here they want to kill them by not allowing them medical care!! There is no other way to put it.!! I just love how Mitt Romney came out to do a press conference minutes after the verdict was read  by the Supreme Court, and starts babbling bullshit on how ObamaCare is bad for America and for jobs and business!! Okay, let's breakdown this statement.  So if everyone in America can finally afford health insurance, how is that bad for America? I mean that means that money will be pouring in every month and that means that people will be going to doctors's offices and or hospitals. Hmm, many people will be flooding these facilities that they won't be able to meet the demand to help all these people which means these institutions need to hire more people. CHA CHING!!

"ObamaCare is bad for jobs and business'!! well I just solved the hiring part for you already. I understand that small businesses will now have to spend more money just that they can now provide insurance to their employees, but really?  that is your defense?  Well Shame on YOu!! you should be embarrassed for not providing that service because that only means that your employees are probably calling in sick a lot and how is that beneficial to your business?  Less man power and time wasted on restructuring duties and possibly not meeting deadlines and as a result losing out on orders and clients. Given these factors I don't see how this is better and money saving at the end of the day.

Given all this, Mitt Romney and his supporters have waged a war on the poor!  We have all been subjected to this circus show everyday for over a year.  America has been witnessing on High Definition via our t.v. sets and the world wide web this show!!  I bet the rest of the world is laughing at us and enjoying the spectacle this great super power is projecting every single day-no cable subscription needed.  In my opinion, Romney is all talk and is in it for the rich. Come on, I hope you didn't think that he cares for middle America or those that earn $30K a year that go to church every Sunday and or check in to Facebook to let the world know you are a good Christian!! If you are those idiots that do, well, "HAHA!!"  Get real people!!

Good Christians don't turn their backs on the poor!! Jesus never did and guess what? he wasn't a republican or a tea bagger.  He talked a lot, but his actions spoke louder than words!! And that's a fact!! He didn't have any physical money but yet he had compassion and helped the poor and the hurt!! And this is coming from the most non-religious person you have ever met, but goes to show you that I do know what Jesus stood for!!  Sure he was pro-life but yet he didn't abandon those that were here on earth.  He helped in every way that he could.  Sure he had superpowers but his purpose was to show us that everyone should be compassionate and help thy neighbor whenever and however possible!!  This is written on all versions of the bible; its a universal statement!!  So if ya"ll religious political people claim to love Jesus then why don't practice what you have read in the bible?  Why aren't you all true Christians living the word of God and stop waging a war on the defenseless poor?!?? Oh and stop using Facebook for your hateful and hypocritical agendas; get a blog like me!!

So please, anyone out there-tea baggers or Romney supporters-tell me how, ObamaCare is bad for America, jobs, and business!! - I hope Obamacare helps extend the life of everyone except people on Facebook commenting on Obamacare.

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