Monday, July 2, 2012

No BFF's for me!!

No I am not going on some anti-friendship mission!! It's just that over the last 2-3 years, I seem to be destined not to have a BFF either because I don't know how to pick them or they are selfish human beings.  I think it's a little bit of both and possibly more. My ex-BFF:s shall remain nameless for the sake of everything.

One turned a hater of everything fun and unattractive people-for a lack of better words.  This one lost a lot of weight, which is great, but all of a sudden thought that he/she was better than me and everyone else around them.  This person would say it a lot and criticized me for not being as attractive as her him/her. I tried to be cool about it, but it was obvious I was not going to tolerate the hate anymore.  I voiced my opinion but that didn't matter.  All hell broke loose right after my birthday.  Its sad but we both had drifted apart. I was no longer as catty as he/she was; I guess I grew up!  Best of luck to that person!!

The other one just drifted away once he/she got into a relationship. I no longer mattered.  I guess I had no value once they were in a in a way I was being used.  Gosh!! how awful!!  I wish that person all the best!!

The other one was great up until I went on a trip with him/her.  It was their idea of me tagging along this trip. This BFF had never traveled abroad and wanted me to go because we were besties, and I was the well traveled one and and I was game.  Everything was great until we were there-and the location shall remain anonymous.  We met up a friend of mine and it was all good. We did a lot of sightseeing the following day and all was good. THen we went to dinner and that comment made during dinner was nail in the hatchet.  "Oh no, you are going to have wine which means you will snore!" YES, you read correctly because this is going to come up again. I apologized and stopped drinking.  My BFF finished the remaining glass and carafe so I wouldn't snore again.

Before I go on, correct me if I am wrong, but don't most human beings snore? Of course, especially men!!  We all know this, especially those of that have cohabitated at some point in our lives. I guess my ex-BFF thought he/she is the exception to this rule.  Let me tell you he/she isn't special or god-like at all, because he/she snores as well. Yet, I didn't make a stink about it.

On to the story, well, my exBFF was so angry at me that he/she doesn't know that i know that he/she poked my ear twice in the middle of the night. YES!!! you read correctly and I was terrorized!! I mean, who in the world does something like that?  You probably think I am writing about a comedic film or am joking. NOPE!! I am telling the truth!! I have nothing to hide or lose!!  This piece of work was awful to me and has never apologized; basically we stopped talking ever since. The exBFF also doesn't know that I heard him/her cussing me out because I started snoring again. YES!! All of this happened to me.

I was going to change rooms, but it was too expensive to do so. And then I thought, "wait a minute, why DO I have to move out, when I paid as much money as them to have fun on another continent? Its not like I just hop on a plane every weekend and do this.  And I am not a money mill!!"  We never spoke or hung out for the duration of the trip.  We went our separate ways but had to tolerate him/her on the flight back home because he/she booked our seats together. No one ever listens to me. I had said early on, "I think its best we don't sit together on the plane especially since we'll be around each other the entire time." Sitting next to this person was a challenge, but I was cordial.  I rolled my eyes when my exBFF complained about the passenger next to us because he was snoring. YES again, really!!!

Not sure what happened to this person, but it almost seemed like he/she was possessed. I see no other explanation for this erratic change of behavior!! I still scratch my head trying to figure it out.  Look, I had already apologized for my snoring the night before (due to having some cocktails) and apologized beforehand in case I snored again.  Not sure what he/she expected from me, but he/she owes me an apology for being an asshole to me!! I had no hidden agenda; my only agenda was to have fun!! Well, I wish this person the best in life because he/she will need it!!

So at this point I will not be seeking a BFF anytime soon!! I will just continue to have casual friends.

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