Saturday, December 11, 2010

An 80's X-mas...totally!!

Aaahhh!! the Eighties!! what a great decade!! Sure everything was a little extreme and a tad lavish, but no one can't deny how great everything was, including the music. I consider myself a child of the 80's. Sure I was a tween during the heart of it all, but still isn't that considered your formative years of your adolescence and those memories that you will carry with you forever? Well it makes sense to me. I've said it here before, I first became aware of music back in 1983-4. My parents used to leave me alone with my sister when they needed to go to the store, so I used to take advantage of the situation and watch the forbidden stuff on t.v. Gosh, now that I think back, I have always been mischievous.

And by forbidden channels, I mean anything that wasn't a cartoon. Yes, that is all I could watch, but once they left me alone, I would tune it and watch on the tube Request Video. I was obsessed with that show. Richard Blade, a former dj for the L.A. radio station (KROQ), was dreamy (and old, of course); oh and he had that hot British accent. :)

Anyway, I remember being enchanted with all these singers and bands like, Madonna, Duran Duran, Wham!, Michael Jackson, etc. Man, was I hooked! I couldn't believe there was other music aside from the Platters, the Beatles, KISS.... OR Los Dandys and Perez Prado (Spanish stuff my mom used to listen to). Finally there was something cool that I can relate to and that I can listen to; something for us kids. The first video I saw and loved was Madonna's, Lucky Star.

Then followed my enchantment with Simon LeBon of Duran Duran in their video, Rio. Damn he looked hot in that white suit on that boat!! I so wanted to be there, even though I didn't know how to swim. Which brings me to the other favorite group of mine, WHAM! Aaah, George Michael was cute. And no I didn't suspect he was gay, plus I don't think I was aware of "gayness," for a lack or better words, at my tender young age of 10/11.

Blah, blah, blah, then the music mogul, Bob Geldoff decides to form Band Aid (the British/Irish charity super group) and it was awesome. Not to divert from the subject at hand, but this was the time in history when the world was focusing on Africa, specifically Ethiopia. I went to a Catholic school and the Irish nuns were good at giving us the guilt trip about the poor starving Ethiopian kids. Those nuns were sneaky...lmao, no really!!

So, what is the point of this blog post? Well I wanted to present to you two great Christmas videos from the Eighties; Band Aid's, "Do they know it's Christmas" and Wham!'s, "Last Christmas!" These are some of my favorite and cool Christmas songs! Which reminds me of the non existent use of the word Christmas...and no I won't get into it now; though I will at a later time.

Wham - Last Christmas
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