Sunday, November 1, 2009

More #followfriday (w/ a special newbie)...

Ok people! Here we are again with another edition of #FollowFriday on Twitter. It's mostly the usual suspects, but there are some new kids on the block; particularly SHITmyCoworkerSays aka @shitmycwrkrsays It's great and it has a lot of potential hope a lot of you follow it.

On a different note, I continue to be busy and most of the time it's great. Why? Well it's great to have fun every single day, but it's not great when one loses precious sleep; to some extent, that is. After many sleepless nights, I start looking like shit; make up no longer does wonders...LoL, it's true.

I have a birthday coming up and 2 more shows. I know, I had said no more shows, but who can resist missing Wolfmother and Matt & Kim or the Silversun Pickups? I missed Silversun at Coachella because I opted to watch Paul McCartney & Crystal Method instead. Well, I'm done spending money. I have to save for my trip to England.

Yes! I am super excited that my Christmas vacation to England was approved. I am so looking forward to it. I don't know what to expect, but who cares. I just know I will have a great time. This will be my second time traveling to Europe, but my first to England. I never have experienced snow, so it's sort of great. I know I won't be prepared for the different weather, but oh well. Anyhoot, here are my Twitter recommendations.

@shitmycwrkrsays (a new kid on the block with lots of potential, lotsa great shit; a must!!!)
@kcrw (I luv u guys! oh, and now you can download their app from iTUnes, Sweet!)
@kogibbq (kick ass korean tacos & tofu burritos!)
@DepecheModeLA (DM tribute band)
@yogurthaven (since it's hot in CA year round, gotta cool down somehow!)
@getshaved (yummy raspados (Spanish word) for this damn hot weather!)
@ITSAGRINDcoffee (OMG, what a delish iced vanilla latte!)
@fresafresca (BFF2)
@jackbear79 (GP2)
@depechemode (super luv!!!)
@jackfacts24 (super funny)
@thefrankenstand (yummy!)
@mariashriver (1st Lady of CA)
@schwarzenegger (Governor of CA)
@vromans (great indie bookstore in Pasadena, CA)

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