Thursday, October 1, 2009

You Look Goooood!!!!!

I am starting to hate that comment! I mean really!?!? Just the other day, I bumped to an ex-colleague who I last saw 7 months ago (not 7 years ago) and she said "Hey!!! You look gooood!" And without thinking I said "oh, you tooooooo!" and that was it. We didn't exchange anymore words. It was bizarre. To be honest we were never great buddies, or anything remotely similar to that.

When she said that, I thought to myself, "Wow, I must look like shit, but she's too nice to say anything." Hmm, maybe the fact the I looked older, 7 months after the fact, may have prompted her to freak out and say "Hey, you look gooood!" I don't know, but I thought it was a weird remark especially when I saw her earlier this year. How bizarre!

Anyway, this comment prompted me to think back at how many times I've said that to people: "Hey!!! You look gooood!" I wonder if the recipients of my comment thought the same. Though in these cases, I hadn't seen these ladies for 2 years or more and I honestly thought they looked good because they looked the same or they looked "Hot!" or really nice; which in that case I'll say, "well someone's looking Hot today!"

Hmm, but if you think about it, I am implying that they look hot today, but not yesterday or a month ago. Ok this is bullshit thinking! But I can't help to wonder, what people's remarks really mean? Are they just being nice? politically correct? sensitive to others feelings? being whatever about everything and anything? or are they just robots?

Hmm! that is an interesting question to one that I'll never get an answer to. I dunno, what do you think that is?

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