Friday, October 9, 2009

luvlyloops' #FollowFriday

Fall is here (California style, that is, meaning it's not completely cold, it's still warm regardless). I want it to be colder so I can start wearing my Kirkland "Ugg-like" boots. They feel so nice and warm, but I'm afraid I'll melt like a popsicle (that melted in one minute in 100 degrees weather). The heat here is crazy. It's only "cold" for about 1.5 months out of the year. There have been winters when it was 95 degrees outside. I mean WTF!

Well I'm kinda looking forward to getting a year older next month. I haven't planned anything special because we have been threatened at work as to not granting our vacations even though we have accrued the time. I want to go to England and Scotland in December with BFF1, but I'm hoping it will be granted. Fingers crossed.

For all of those of you that know me well, I am just plain lazy. And I have no shame in admitting to this. So I am not going to type every single username so this is what I'm gonna do from now on. These are my recommendations (hopefully I didn't miss anyone, if so sorry darlings!) I will be reposting this post on Twitter every week.

@kcrw (I luv u guys! oh, and now you can download their app from iTUnes, Sweet!)
@kogibbq (kick ass korean tacos & tofu burritos!)
@NoDuhband (No Doubt tribute band)
@DepecheModeLA (DM tribute band)
@yogurthaven (since it's hot in CA year round, gotta cool down somehow!)
@getshaved (yummy raspados (Spanish word) for this damn hot weather!)
@ITSAGRINDcoffee (OMG, what a delish iced vanilla latte!)
@fresafresca (BFF2)
@jackbear79 (GP2)
@shitmydadsays (super funny)
@depechemode (super luv!!!)
@jackfacts24 (super funny)
@thefrankenstand (yummy!)
@mariashriver (1st Lady of CA)
@schwarzenegger (Governor of CA)
@vromans (great indie bookstore in Pasadena, CA)

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