Friday, July 3, 2009

The Best MJ cover, Ever!!!

What is the best Michael Jackson cover you ask? Well it's Alien Ant Farm's (2001), "Smooth Criminal." I can't believe I forgot about this song. Hadn't heard it in such a long time until today, while driving back home from Costco. Yeah, gotta love Costco.

ANYWAY! Why do I love it? Well because of the "Billie Jean" references and it has a great melody to it. I mean the song kicks ass! Don't you think? Well if you don't then something is wrong with you. LOL, seriously! I love the that little kid does the moonwalk with his face covered with a mask. Gotta love the Japanese girls posing as hard core fans of AAF (instead of MJ) and not to mention the MJ like jacket that Dryden Mitchell wore (blue instead of red). How about the girl in the blue bikini wearing a werewolf mask (Thriller video reference). And Dryden grabbing his crotch, or the monkey posing as Bubbles, and the skin head dude with the Michael Jackson tatoo wearing werewolf contacts.

This video was so well made it's a true piece of digital art (kinda like MJ and his videos). Love love this one. Well here is the video to "Smooth Criminal." The quality is kinda shitty, but oh well. Enjoy it darlings!

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