Friday, June 19, 2009


Okay, I am getting lazier and lazier as time goes by. Why? Well I dunno! Well I think I just have been tired lately. I should slow down on my outings maybe. Since I've been forgetting to do Follow Friday posts on Twitter, I will now resort to reposting this link every week. Thanks to @wezli333, I will do the same, though he uses tumbler, but it's the same thing. Regardless, these are my recommendations (hopefully I didn't miss anyone, if so sorry darlings!)

@wezli333 (the inspiration, dunno how I never thought of this b4!)
@kcrw (i luv u guys!)
@brunovassup (super funny)
@depechemode (super luv!!!)
@jackfacts24 (super funny)
@thefrankenstand (yummy!)
@theonion (not edible)

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