Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Seattle, WA made me homesick!

My BFF and I had decided to go on two 2-week long trips back in 2002. Week one was spent in Chicago and 2 other friends had joined us. We had so much fun we didn't want to leave. I loved everything about it that I've been back a 2nd time since.

Week two was spent in Seattle (with 2 side trips to Canada; Victoria & Vancouver). Seattle was SO BORING, it was awful!  I can see why Seattle is the suicide capital of the nation.  I hate it! On the other hand, I really did like our side trips to Victoria & Vancouver.  We had so much fun in Vancouver.  And in Victoria we caught a cool free concert by Vancouver resident Bif Naked.  FYI, Bif Naked was famous during the grunge era.

In Seattle, I really wanted to leave early, but it was too much of a hassle to switch flights. We decided to wait it out and was so missing L.A.  Don't get me wrong, Seattle is a beautiful city, but it's NOT a FUN city.  I wouldn't mind going back, but only for a few days.

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