Sunday, February 15, 2009

You'll find "Lucky Magazine" atop my list of reads

I have a very diverse taste when it comes to "quick read literature;" if you would call it literature, that is. Though magazines are fitting for my short attention span. lol!

"Lucky Magazine"
Actually there is really nothing much to read, it's a super visual magazine on fashion & trend; and I love it!

"Harvard Business Journal"
It's one of the finest business journals out there. Was introduced to it in college for one of my Management courses. I don't read it as often but when I do become smarter and inspired.

"AdWeek "
Though tailored for the Advertising industry, it is super informative on everything consumers should know. I love to know stuff ahead of time before the average person finds out. It's the perfect consumerism-know-it-all magazine.

Though it's a thick magazine about couture fashion, it has a lot of interesting articles (like bios, travel spots, etc). Though I probably won't wear couture labels, the articles are very insightful; believe it or not.

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