Sunday, February 15, 2009

My road trip from L.A. to Folsom, CA

Each time friends have asked me to join them on road trips, I have always turn them down for a reason...

It was the longest trip ever that I've driven. It was torture. I love driving, but that was a bit much. I had gone with my aunt & uncle to visit my cousin in Folsom. After that trip I really learned to love the city skyline & the normal 21st century civilization & commodities. I drove along the 5 fwy all the way through the San Joaquin Valley (all farms), Modesto (more flat lands), Stockton, etc. Nature is nice to a point, but not a full 5 hours. I do hate nature, I'd rather be around smog and tall skylines (or even the suburbs are tolerable). Needless, to say that my form of transportation to NorCAL, or any other place for that matter, is via the airplane. Don't get me wrong, I'll drive to San Diego or to Santa Barbara, but anything further I would rather board an airplane.

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