Friday, January 15, 2010

Let's party like it's 1991!!

I heart FaceBook! Why you may ask? Well a month ago I organized a mini high school reunion and it turned out fabulous! I invited the small amount of girls that are on FB and most showed up. Others couldn't come because of the rain or because they weren't geographically available. We met up at Phlight in Whittier, CA.

All showed up little by little and we were all stoked about seeing each other. For me, the last time I saw them was 18 years ago; graduation day. It was weird and great at the same time. High school was different back then. I was a different back then, as well. At first I was shy, but as the years went by I gained my confidence and became who I am now.

I went to a private all girls school in Montebello that was 10 miles away from home. Everyone lived every where; San Gabriel, El Monte, Mid City, East side, etc. We all came from all walks of life, but basically all latinas; some were Chinese or Caucasian.

Anyway, the idea of this mini reunion was prompted when another high school friend on FB had asked if anyone wanted to join her at this bar because she was moving in a couple of days. So I was like sure I'll go plus I hadn't seen her in 18 years. A few others came and it was great. I had a great time catching up with all.

Moving forward to last month, twelve ladies showed up. We ate and drank for quite some time. We laughed about the silly things we did back in the days. We laughed about the nuns and crazy teachers we had, costumes, uniforms, boys, etc. All in all it was fabulous.

After that we went to a dive bar nearby and continued the craziness. It was a rainy day that evening, but that didn't seem to stop us from enjoying ourselves. The party continued later that night at someone else's house. Good times!

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