Thursday, January 1, 2009

Disney's Bedtime Stories: watch it!

I totally loved this film. Some fave Adam Sandler films are a few that include: Wedding Singer, The Waterboy, Little Nicky, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. I usually avoid his films, but I'm glad I didn't this time.
Bedtime Stories takes place in a hotel. Skeeter's father owned a small hotel on the Sunset Strip back in the day. Consumed by debt, he was forced to sell it to a sleezy looking brit. Skeeter (Sandler) remains a loyal employee of the new hotel in hopes the owner (sleezy brit) makes him manager of the hotel someday. We are introduced to a lot of characters which include Courtney Cox, Kerri Russel, Rob Sneider, Russel Brand, etc.
Sandler truly entertains with references to past movies (like Waterboy, and Star Wars 1). At his sister's request, he ends up baby-sitting his niece & nephew for a week. The kids ask Sandler to read them a bedtime story. So he then decides to make up stories just like his father did. The kids get into the stories and decide to create their endings. Oddly enough the stories would come to life the following day.
Then one day, Skeeter is given the chance to become manager of a new hotel project. He and [Guy Pierce] are given the chance to pick a theme for the new hotel at the brit's birthday party. The winner would become the next hotel manager. At the end, Skeeter's presentation earns him the gig.
You will totally love this movie. I sure did and as a matter of fact I will watch it a second time.
Verdict: Totally watch it!

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