Sunday, February 21, 2010

You haven't aged...

Oh really? well that's a first. And how is that possible? seriously? I still look like a teenager? Wow, I guess I have found the fountain of youth.

This is my latest pet peeve on FaceBook. I feel like the only reason why people from either high school and or grade school befriend each other is to find out how bad the other person looks now. Think about it. You haven't had any contact whatsoever since graduation day and all of a sudden you find each other and bam! you are friends. Which is fine, but the big giveaway is that the person doesn't really post much or comment on your posts or just doesn't do much on Facebook. So you know the other one is going through all your pictures and stuff just to find out how many wrinkles you have or how much weight you've gained. Sheesh!

Look, what's not say I am doing the same thing. I mean really, aren't we all hoping we look hotter than the other person? or that we are far more successful than the others? Sure I get curious here and there; I am only human, but at least I try to be more attentive with everyone. Yes, I try because after all, I can't be on the computer all day. I have other stuff to do than to be obsessing over everyones looks. Seriously.

So each time when someone posts on my wall or on others' walls "OMG, you look great. You haven't aged!" I am going to be pretending like I just did not see that post. I mean really!

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