Friday, December 18, 2009

Ok whatever...

So I am writing to you on the night that I was supposed to fly out to England for my vacation. The issue here? I am not leaving after all. Why you ask? Well our flight consisted of a stop in the East Coast and the entire East Coast is snowed in. Yep, a snow storm is preventing me from having fun; dammit! I wonder if this is why I wasn't nervous at all and was able to sleep through for 8 hours? Hmmm! Anyway, all flights in and out of the East Coast on all airlines are cancelled. We are supposedly leaving on Monday. We'll see.

So someone asked me what am going to do? Well life goes on so I'm doing the usual; bar hopping, Disneyland, sleeping, eating, getting a massage and some more sleeping. LoL I'm just a little annoyed that my vacation was cut short by 4 days. 4 days is a lot considering I don't go overseas that often. Ok whatever! on with my life. Peace out!

In the meantime enjoy the video to "Home" by Depeche Mode. Great song and fitting for my mood. Hmm, maybe I should have some champagne to celebrate success and failure. Cheers!!!

Depeche Mode - Home ++ VIDEO! **


  1. I'm so sorry. Why couldn't they fly you outta ORF (Norfolk)?!? WE.DO NOT.HAVE.SNOW.
    Everywhere else might-we don't.

  2. Beks, United is based out of Dulles so unfortunately they have to fly out of there. God forbid they use common sense and fly out of Norfolk. Eh, well hopefully this snow storm will pass. And that is good that the snow storm skipped you guys. Keeping my fingers crossed.