Sunday, October 18, 2009

Who needs Target music when there's Amoeba Music-Hollywood?

Can't find that new one by Tiesto or how about that film by Audrey Tatou at Target? Well of course you can't. You have to go to a specialty store (which are rare these days) or order online. Well if you live in L.A., SF, or Berkeley, you are in luck my friend because you will definitely find that and more at Amoeba Music.

You'll find original Beatles' vinyl, all foreign films, all genres on vinyl, all genres on CD, adapters (aka spiders) for 45 rpm records, gear, and much more. It's a candy store for all music enthusiasts. DJ's come here to supply their collections.

Because you can trade in your stuff, lots of hard to find gems can be found. I haven't had the privilege of seeking for a gem, but I have heard stories. They also have in-store performances by different musicians. And a couple times (months, actually) during the year they collaborate with Space 15 Twenty and host Movie Mondays; which I attend quite a bit.

They have two other locations in NorCal (San Francisco & Berkeley) which I haven't been to; odd considering how many times I go up there throughout the year. Go figure.

Amoeba Music is definitely an excellent place to find all kinds of sweets and treats. I heart Amoeba.

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