Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lotsa Stuff

Definitely lotsa stuff is happening. As always, I've been busy, but not as much. I've come to a point where I should slow down, just a bit, that is. Realistically I can't do everything or please every one. I should maybe cut down on my number of friends, but I won't. Everyone is cool in their own and I like that; not all are like me or think like me.

I've cut down on concerts partly because I spent way too much money on them this year and I also need to save up for my UK trip. I've heard everything is much more expensive than in any other European country. If I go, I'll be going with BFF1. Luckily she knows her way around since she lived in London for a while. I'm a little excited now, but as time approaches I'm going to be a nervous wreck and super excited.

Let's see, a lot of my favorite bands are from England or Scotland: Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Franz Ferdinand (from Scotland), Joy Division, New Order, just to name a few. Hmm, I also like David Beckham, who is British, as well as Prince William. I also like Earl Grey tea...LoL. What else??? I like men with British accents...Yowza!

On a different note, I am pretty stoked about my new venture: helping the needy in a very minimalist way. As mentioned in a previous post, I started volunteering for Burrito Project Silverlake and now I joined another chapter (West L.A.). The groups are very different. One consists of a punk rock crowd/hipsters and the other consists of former college party animals (I really identify with this crowd because they remind me of my hey days). I like both crowds because they all share the same interest: helping the needy.

I am going to stick to both for as long as I can. I'm glad I stumbled on this thanks to social networking (FaceBook to be specific). I also started volunteering at the L.A. Regional Food Bank and will continue doing that because the need is great. I have been thinking of starting my own charity and started to look into it. I've been wanting to start a project for quite some time. I started talking to some people these last couple of days about my idea and started to do some research. I still want to do event planning, but I'm putting that in the back burner. We'll see what happens...definitely lotsa stuff going on.

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