Saturday, October 10, 2009

I heart Domo!!!

I luv Domo! He's always angry & that makes him cute. I first discovered Domo a couple years ago when Target featured him/it for Halloween. All of their promotional displays, candy, some costumes were all about Domo. It was then that I fell in love. Indeed it was love at first sight.

And now 7-eleven will be decorating it's stores Domo style. I am so stoked about this. In fact my expectations are so high that I decided to visit 7-eleven (Santa Fe Springs) today only to find my illusions crushed. Why? They didn't have Domo coffee cups or the Fuji Frost slurpee. BITCHES! I was so annoyed that I didn't bother complaining. I am going to the one by house tomorrow. I know I will have better luck there.

Anyway, enjoy this Slurpee/Domo cute! I want to get a brainfreeze with DOMO!!!!

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