Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two Buck Chuck would go in my care package to an overseas friend

Two Buck Chuck
It's the all time fav wine of the new century. All 2 buck Chuck varieties are good for drinking and cooking. Wine, does give food that nice texture and or flavor. And I think it's only available in the states.

Kettle Corn
Not only do I luv this, but it's another all-American staple. It's so unique that I don't think it's available abroad, though I could be wrong.

See's Chocolate
Any of my friends would appreciate this all-American confection. It also would go well this 2 buck Chuck.

bath bombs
For those who love to take that occasional bath (for relaxing purposes), I would send them bath bombs from Essential Addictions. They are homemade, smell good, and are good for you.
Wow, eat chocolate, drink wine while taking a nice hot relaxing bath...NICE!!!

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