Friday, March 27, 2009

My bucket list starts with: Live in Provence

Live in Provence
I've seen many films that take place in Provence or in the Italian countryside. I've visited Southern France (which includes Provence) and it was so beautiful and peaceful. I would luv the idea to waking up to smelling lavender, breathing fresh air once in a while, waking up late and buying your food fresh from the farmers' market. I would be content living in France for a summer.

Learn Mandarin
I like to meet new people from different parts of the world and be able to communicate in their language. When I was in college, I wanted to learn Mandarin because I figured it was the ideal "2nd language" to learn since Americans do so much business with China.

Learn French
Always wanted to learn French because it's such a cool language. It sounds so romantic and sophisticated. Like the word "shit" in French is "merde," Merde totally sounds better than shit.

Drag racing
I luv sports cars, I drive fast, and I would luv to race anyone, like on a racing track.  The adrenaline rush would be awesome!

Be my own boss!
Entrepreneurship runs in my veins.  I've had many business ideas and almost carried out one with 2 friends, a dating service, but things happened and it fell through.  I luv to plan parties and consider myself an expert.  I've had lots of experience and would luv someday to carry this idea through.

Live in Spain
Some years I got the crazy idea of moving abroad like Spain.  When I went I fell in love with that country. I love all things Mediterranean, I luv flamenco, I luv the topography and I luv the night life.   So I would definitely luv to live at some point there for at least a year.

Own some fabulous art
I luv art, but mainly abstract art. There is this cool artist out of Montreal, I think her name is Francois Issaly (not sure of the spelling). I like modern decor and her art is perfect for this style.

Earn a Culinary degree
When given the opportunity, I luv to cook. I'm very interested in different ingredients and how they can be married into different dishes.  I can cook, but I can't bake; I'm awful at it.  And by taking culinary classes, I would like to learn how to get baking right and obviously perfect my cooking skills.

Traveling to India
The journey is so long and I can't handle long flights though I'm better now in comparison to the 1st time I went to Europe.  I wasn't prepared for limited leg room and forgot to bring stuff to entertain myself.  I was bored and a bit claustrophobic.  So India is much further and who knows what state I'll be in later on in life, but I would like to make the effort to visit; especially Goa.   

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