Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crepes anyone?

Unless you are in Paris or anywhere in France, it's very difficult to find good crepes in the states.  BFF 1 introduced me to crepes back in the day.   She took me to French Crepe Company at the Farmers Market next to the Grove (on Fairfax and 3rd). We had the traditional one, La Chez Moi; which was filled with Nutella and covered with powdered sugar. It was yummy! I thought I was in heaven and now really wanted to go to France. Well I did go to France, but didn't have any because I forgot and because I got a bad cold during my stay. Oh well.
But fast forward seven years and once again BFF 1 introduced me to a wonderful restaurant in Hermosa Beach called Creme de la Crepe. The restaurant is on Pier Ave, just a couple of blocks from the actual Pier.  Since my first visit, I've been there at least seven times. A couple of nights I was with BFF 3.  I made my own crepe with potatoes, jack cheese and avocado and then shared for dessert something similar to the Fondante, it was not on the menu because it was that day's special.  It was so delicious.  
If you are a newbie,  I recommend either the Basique or the Vegetarrienne (for the vegetarians) as an entree.  All entree crepes are served with a simple green salad.  For dessert I recommend the Royale or the Zidane (named after France's former star soccer player,  Zinedine Zidane).
Well after all this crepe talk, if your are still a sceptic and think, well why should I go there when I can have crepes at IHOP.  Well sure you can, but they aren't that great!  Why sacrifice quality and authenticity for mediocre everyday food?  I sure wouldn't.   Sure we are in tough economic times, but I'm not advocating daily splurging, I'm advocating once-in-a-while-delicious-dining.  People, enjoy life!  Life is too short to cut corners!  Bon Appetit!

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